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The State Museum of the Russian Political History

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Welcome to the official site of the Museum of Political History of Russia - the first historical and political museum in post-revolutionary Russia!
    The museum of national significance, which has already celebrated its centenary, keeps a number of evidences of Russias political life from the late 18th till the early 21st century. They reflect the history of the state system reforming, fates of the most prominent historical figures, processes of development of revolutionary, democratic, social and political movements and parties.
    In the Museum collection there are political parties materials representing practically the whole range of political forces in modern Russia at both federal and regional levels. In the last few years this unique collection has been enlarged with materials reflecting the activities of state, political and public leaders, members of both Chambers of the Russian Parliament, the Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad and some other regions

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museum: The State Museum of the Political History of Russia