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The Museum of russian icon

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The largest in Russia private museum of the Orthodox Christian Art. Founded by Mikhail Abramov, this art project resurrects one of the best traditions of the Russian patronage which laid the foundation for collecting, studying and authenticating the works of the Russian icon painting. At the present day the Museum of Russian Icon is the only private collection that is actually fully open to public. It is the first time in the history of private collecting in Russia when the owner opens a museum which has already earned wide-spread recognition through the high artistic level of the acquired works, excellent display and the number of art and exhibition project held at the premises.
    The Museum's website allows you to get acquainted with the history of the formation of the collection, the personality of the owner, as well as the major masterpieces of the Museum collection. Here you can also find information about the scientific and exhibition activities of the Museum and learn about the latest news of his life (lectures, concerts, conferences, etc.)

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