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3D-museum of war history

The first 3D-museum of war history in RUnet contains thousands of 3D-photos and 3D-videos of war artifacts of all times and countries, which are gathered together from museums and private collections: weapons, uniform, military equipment, documents, maps, war reports, award pins, prints and much more! Web-platform will combine: content storage, social networking and gaming functional. The mission of the project We intend to ensure the access to unique war artifacts by collecting the exhibits from all over the world – private collections and state museums – in one place and contribute to the maintenance of interest in the local and world history by using modern technologies. Now only the test-version of the project is available here www.wmmuseum.ru.
    The main web-site with expanded functional and wide range of content will be launched on May 2017.

»»» http://www.wmmuseum.ru/