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The KIZHI Federal Museum of Cultural History and Architecture

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The Federal KIZHI Open Air Museum of Cultural History, Architecture and Ethnography.
    Kizhi museum is one of the largest open air museums in Russia. This is a unique historical, cultural and natural complex enlisted on the Code of the Most Significant Cultural Heritage Sites of the Peoples of the Russian Federation. The core of the museum collection is the Kizhi Architectural Ensemble (Kizhi Pogost Ensemble) included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
    The official museum site offers the following categories: museum services and events, festival calendar, maps of Zaonezhye and Kizhi island, competitions, forum, virtual tours, pieces of wooden architecture and museum collections, architecture, restoration, history of Zaonezhye, traditional culture of the peoples' of Karelia, nature of Kizhi skerries, archaeology, educational programmes, photo and video gallery, web cameras, virtual shop.
    The cultural heritage of Kizhi island and wooden architecture of Zaonezhye is introduced through the museum site

»»» http://kizhi.karelia.ru/
museum: The KIZHI Federal Museum of Cultural History and Architecture