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Ves'egonsk Local History Museum

Phone: (48264) 2-11-11

Address: 171720, Tver region, Karla Marksa str., Vesiegonsk

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    Ves'egonsk Local History Museum was created in 1919 on a wave of nationalization of cultural values and subjects of a life from the former landowner manors. For a short time interval it has been collected about 2 thousand subjects, basically a life of noble family: the weapon, icons, painting, including West European; the richest library which basis was made by F.I. Rodichev's private library - the outstanding figure of party of cadets. Took place in the stone house of a merchant of Bogomazov. In connection with building of the Rybinsk water basin and city carrying over it was twice closed (1939, 1954).

    It is recreated in 1967. Has settled down in a building where before October revolution there were industrial institutions of a city: sausage and a dairy of a merchant of Loginov, printing house. Exhibits of the Mountain school museum of the area created by A.A. Vinogradov became a collection kernel this time. Since 1978 it is branch of the Tver state incorporated museum.

    Feature of a modern exposition is open display of the majority of exhibits that does its very attractive. Here the archeology and pre-revolutionary history of Ves'egonsk edge with a magnificent collection of ethnographic materials are presented.

    In one of museum showrooms the constant and continuously updated exhibition "Symbols of the city of Ves'egonsk" which often name "the Museum of a river cancer" works. In showroom of the fonds the constant exhibition "From Ves'egonsk - to Florida", devoted to P.A. Dementyev - the leader vesegonsk nobility, to the founder of a city of St.-Petersburg in the United States of America (Florida) operates


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Administrative phone:
    (48264) 2-11-11

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.05.1919

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

    Natural history,Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

    permament show rooms 231м2
    temporary exhibitions 64м2
    museum's store 146,8м2

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