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Yuzhno-Kurilsky Museum of local lore

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Address: 694500, Sakhalin region,

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    n may 30, 1991, the district Museum of local lore opened its doors to the first visitors. The idea of establishing a Museum on the Eastern edge of Russia belongs to a historian - researcher, acting member of the Geographical society of Russia, the author of several books on the Kuril Islands, a man passionately and devotedly who liked this region - Fedor Ivanovich . Together with the members of the historical - study of local lore society "Fregat" Fedor Ivanovich had not one field season in the exploration of archeological expeditions in various parts of the Kunashir island, Shikotan will head this group and the Islands of the small Kuril chain. Since 1981, all archaeological finds were shown at the school museums. The order of the regional Executive Committee 98 of 06.03.1990 year in Yuzhno-Kurilsk was opened a branch of the regional Museum of local lore. Its first Director and became ... Today in the Museum of six halls, stored in them and in the vaults of the 7000 subject.

    In the halls of the presented geographical and climatic map of the Sakhalin region, geological layout of the Kunashir island, herbarium specimens of plants, stuffed animals and pictures of birds and animals, samples of rocks, stands on volcanoes, ceramics and instruments of labour of the ancient inhabitants, the exposition devoted to and history of the development of the Kuril Islands photos and exhibits, telling about the military actions of 1945, and the post-war history of the Islands.

    The Museum is an information resource for the residents and guests of the district, his "calling card". Museum carries out not only research, collecting, storage of natural and historical materials, organization of permanent and special exhibitions, but also organizes guided tours, lectures, Museum lessons, watching movies, connected with the history of the discovery, exploration and development of the South Kurils with the 40-ies of the last century up to the present time

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    (42455) 21-175, Fax: (42455) 21-175

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    founded: 06.03.1990
    opened: 30.05.1991

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    culture for society, scientific

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 2742
    museum's store 122

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    7134, rare collection's items: 1904

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