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Museum of the History of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny

Phone: (8552) 71-39-81

Address: 423800, Tatarstan Republic,

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    Individual thematic excursions are guided on the Museum's exposition:

    - "Paleontology. Animal's world of the region Prikamski". Remains of ancient animals, founded on the town's territory are exhibited here: mammoth's teeth, tusks, bison's skull etc. Also you can observe stuffeds of animals that dwell in our region nowadays.

    - "Archeology. Volga Bulgaria". Here are objects that reveal the history of the town from the stone century till the XI-XII centuries. The tribe that had peculiarities in burial places is exhibited here. Today it is the earliest trace of ancient people that was discovered and studied here. The exposition of the Bulgar period consists of the imitation of the brick wall. Also here are some weapons, objects of potters' and jewelers'' production, fragments of the crockery of the Middle Asia.

    - "Ethnography of the region". Here are 6 interiors that occupy the central location on the second floor: "Smithy", "Merchant's shop of the end of the XIX century", "Peasant yard" etc. Original objects are used in the exposition as well as plaster costs. Here are national costumes and footwear on mannequins.

    - "Gold store". Objects are exhibited here as the example of the jewellery art. Feminine national costume of Chuvashia which weighs 7 kg attracts the attention. Numismatists will find many fascinating things for themselves: coins of czar's Russia, of the Soviet period and memorable coins.

    - "The history of the town in the XIX-XX centuries". You can observe this period of time through interesting documents and objects exhibited on stands: advertising sheets of insurance companies of the beginning of the XX century, drafts of first steamers, small metallic barrel with banknotes, adornments and gold and silver coins that was found in the foundation of a house in 1978. Also a guide narrates about the landing stage of Naberejny Tchelny in this section of the exposition.

    - "The population of Naberejny Tchelny - participants of The Second World War, Afgan war actions and Tchechnya war actions". Personnel things of soldiers, daily objects, and mortal medallions of soldiers lost in Afganistan and Tchechnya are exhibit here. Here is a place for models of arms, for military objects. Photos of soldiers lost in Afganistan and Tchechnya are on stands.

    - "Naberejny Tchelny in the 1950-60's years. The damming of the Kama, the building of Nilnekamskaya HES". This period of time is shown by photos of weaver's factory's workshops, urban printing house, the grain elevator, the pier, different stages of the HES building, builders' brigades.

    - "Radioworkshop. The origin of the radio in Naberejny Tchelny". The receiver's collection of the 1940-1990 years is placed in this section. It was collected and given to the Museum by S.I.Khasanshin, the first graduate radio master in the town.

    -"KAMAZ and the town: the history and the present". This exposition that is quartered on the first floor contains following sections: the construction of KAMAZ, builders' brigades, the first lorry "KAMAZ", notable personalities, the building of the town and the modern state of Naberejny Tchelny. The most attractive thing in this hall is a real cabin of "KAMAZ". Children and adults take photos in this cabin with pleasure

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Administrative phone:
    (8552) 71-39-81

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 10.04.1972
    opened: 17.04.1973

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Regional museum,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 877м2
    temporary exhibitions 229м2
    museum's store 102м2

Employee number:
    39 (curators: 8)

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Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    более 52000

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