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Labinsk museum of history and study of local lore

Phone: (86169) 3-40-30

Address: 352500, Krasnodar area,

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    The museum of histiry and study of local lore of Labinsk was founded by Fedor Ivanovitch Moiseenko in 19991 and now is called by his name. The head of the museum is Abashina Svetlana Stepanovna - distinguished worker of culture of Kuban. The museum hosts many exhibitions of early historical ages of Kuban such as paleolith, neolith and medieval. There is a hall of nature, where Caucasus fauna displays . Interesting material contains in the halls of history of Labinsk and kozacks. The exhibitions which hold in the Citizen War and Great Patriotic War displayed difficult and honored pages of history of Labinsk. The museum regularly arranges expositions of its own collections, such as expositions of history and progress of photography and audio technology. The museum also arranges tours of the historical places of Labinsk and Caucasus foothills. Kislenko Julia and Jakubov Vitaliy became the authors of the book dedicated to anniversary of 170 years of Labinsk. Every year the museum arranges different festivals, such as "Victorious May", "Pages of history of Kuban", "Laba - the river of friendship" etc. Meetings with veterans, lessons for pupils and students in the museum became traditional. The museum wishes to conserve and multiply cultural heritage of old folks

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Administrative phone:
    (86169) 3-40-30

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1988.
    opened: 1991.

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 2002
    temporary exhibitions 602
    museum's store 502

Employee number:
    17 (curators: 5)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    science library, experts team

Collections volume:
    20929, rare collection's items: 19587

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