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Museum of the History Norilsk Industrial Region

Phone: (3919) 46-1326

Address: 663305, Krasnoyarsk area,

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    The museum was founded in 1939 as a closed establishment called Norilsk Kombinat Museum of ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. It included the following departments: geology, local lore, history of Norilsk, deposit discovery, history of Norilsk development. In 1948 the museum was open for visitors. Since 1989 it has been enjoying the status of a public museum. Hence we began to study veritable history of Norilsk Kombinat and Norillag (prisoners camp ) and to hold appropriate expositions. In 2000 the museum occupied building in the historical part of the city. A new exhibitions will be devoted to the region development and research along with the history of the city and the kombinat construction.

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Administrative phone:
    (3919) 46-0646, Fax: (3919) 46-4149

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.10.1939
    opened: 02.11.1947

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Historical,Regional museum,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 777,4м2
    temporary exhibitions 307,73м2
    museum's store 177,86м2
    museum's parks 2га

Employee number:
    51 (curators: 15)

Average visitors per year:
    77 687

Collections volume:
    44225, rare collection's items: 27896

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