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Taseevsky Museum

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    People living in Taseevski region are always proud of the history of their native land. That history has a beautiful legend about Tunguski freedom. Loving Prince Tasey, soothe village is called after his name. It also has one of the oldest settlements of Yeniseiski province village Troitskoye famous for its snow-white, high-quality, ecology pure salt which was brought to the tsar table of Katherine II. During Civil War the territory of Taseevski region has become Taseevski Partizan Republic (1918-1920), which is famous for its role in defeat of Kolchak in Siberia.

    Taseevsky Museum of Local Lore was created in 1964 by the enthusiasm of the population as Museum of Partizan fame. In the years of its existing the fund of the Museum was expanded by the interesting papers, documents and exhibits showing the history of Taseevski region. To 1991 the Museum has worked by the enthusiasm of the museum staff which as expanded by the participators of Partizan movement, veterans of War and Labor, teacher an students. They brought different materials, papers, photos, object of old life telling about the history of the village, the Decembrists, the political Exiles, the Partizan movement, about the years of repression< about the Great Patriotic War, about the enterprises and people of the region. Every year about 5000 people visit the museum and in the village, in the neighborhood to see the sights.

    In 1990 it was built a new building of the museum in the historical centre of the village near the house, where in 1929 Budjonnyui S.M. was stayed, and then he was on especially representative in gathering grain in Siberia. The new building of the museum in unic in its form, inside design and contents. The most interesting part of the museum object are exhibited in regularly expositions, representing the panorama of the historical periods and events: the past of the village; the exile of the famous noblemen-Decembrists and political exile; the downfall of the Monarchy; the Partizan Republic from 1918 to 1920 ruling by the first people's commissar of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Yakovenko V.G.; the years of trials of Taseevski people.

    In exhibition hall there are works of famous Krasnoyarsk artists such as: Motakov E.V., Orlov S.E., Korotkov V.D., Deev U.D., Ryannel T.V., Znak A.M.

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    opened: 1964.

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