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Sayansk Picture Gallery

Address: 666301, Irkutsk region, 65, Leningradskiy pr., Sayansk

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    The Sayansk art gallery is ten years of age. During these years it was collected over tno thousand norks of art. The pictures were bounht from the exhibitions and from the studios, were handed over as gift by different organizations and private persons. The hovosiminsk thermoelektric power Station gives an important financial help to the gallery. There are the norks of many interesting masters of the Russia in the founds of the gallery. Direktor of the gallery is Vera Yaroslavtsena. Shecooperates actively with the artists, not only with well-known ones butalso with gound ones beginning their art development. About ten exhibitions are arranged in the halls of the gallery every year. More than a half of them are opening days of the Irkutsk artists of different generations.

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Administrative phone:
    (39513)3-1903, Fax: 8 39553-71903

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 24.06.1983

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    culture for society

    Historical,Painting art

    permament show rooms 385м2
    temporary exhibitions 250м2
    museum's store 154м2

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Collections volume:
    2301, rare collection's items: 2301

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