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The museum "Fate of a Solder"

Phone: (484) 397-53-11 (спр.)

Address: 249030, Kaluga region,

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    The Military Searching Union "Fate of a Solder" is engaget in search and excarations of anonymus remain of solders perished the WW II. We restore preserved papers and try to contact with relatives of found soldiers. This is made for both Russian and German parties/ We also bury the remains officially and hotify the relatives about exact places Our Union works for about 30 years. During that period about 10 000 solders were found and re-buried, about 7 000 monuments were installed in Kaluga region, deciphered 453 solders documents. All this activity is demonsrated in our museum. All the exhibits (solders medallions, weapon, possessions ets.) are unique.

    The museum also supports the contacts with relatives of found solders and preserve all these letters

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    founded: 1981г.

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    culture for society


    permament show rooms 300м2

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    свыше 10000

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