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History Museum of Ural State Agricultural Academy

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    The Ural State Agricultural University is one of the first universities of its type in the region. The varied and often contradictory history of our country of the last century had a effect on the concrete educational organization. The events of our countrys history such as the Stalins repressions, the Great Patriotic War, the Lysenkos cult, the International wars were the part of The Ural State Agricultural University s (The Sverdlovsk Agricultural University) history. In the Museums exposition life of the University is presented through the prism of the history of our country. There is the very important thing that historical events are shown not only in facts but above all in the letters from front, diaries notes, the memories of the people whose fortune was connected with the Academy.

    The exact date of foundation of the Museum is unknown. There is a note in the protocol of the Partys meeting of 1963 about an offer to found a museum. In 1975 some boards were designed to The Victorys jubilee. In 1977-1979 the Museum was being constructed in a new agricultural building, and on 12th November in 1979 the first excursion was organized for a group of Mongolian students. Plainly this date can be considered the date of the Museums foundation.

    In 1902 the building was constructed for the Yekaterinburg art industrial school that played the great role in the history of the Ural culture. Originally the school was one-story and was situated on the territory of the mansion that had been bought from A.A.Zlokazova for this aim. In 1913 the second floor was constructed, there were a library, some classes, a museum of the school and some art industrial samples there. In 1919 the building was used for needs of a military hospital, in 1920s there was The Ural Siberian Communist University named after V.I.Lenin. In 1930s it was renamed in the Agricultural University. At that time the building changed a lot and had condition that it had nowadays

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