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People's Museum of Revolutionary, Battle and Labour Glory of "Moscow Radio-Technical Plant"

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    On 13.02.1974, the Communist Party Committee of Moscow Radio-Technical Plant, the awardee of the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labour, replied to the initiative of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the veterans of work and adopted the decision on founding the People's Museum of Revolutionary, Battle and Labour Glory of the Plant. On 10.03.1976, the Director of the Plant issued Order No. 138 that was based on the Certificate of 10.11.1975 adopted by the commission formed by the Kuntsevo District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the District Executive Committee. Those documents recognized the new organization as an operating museum.

    The Museum has been open for visitors since 10.04.1976. On 18 May 1984, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic awarded the Museum with the honorary title of "People's Museum". The Museum's collection represents the Plant's history and the production of consumer goods; it also offers sections of the special-purpose equipment and of the labor glory.

    The history exposition includes the following sections: the Plant's History between 1900 and 1917; the Plant during the October Revolution and the recovery period; the Plant in the five-year plan economy before the War; the Plant workers' participation in the Great Patriotic War and in the defense of Moscow; the formation of the radio-technical production between 1945 and the early 1950s; the development of the radio-technical production and technology; the Plant and the space industry; "Orbita" System; the introduction of the automated control system; the manufacture of general-purpose industrial products; the launch of the television production; the social and cultural development, health care, and housing construction; the labor awards of the Plant workers; the sports achievements. The history sector also displays: a stele with the names of the fallen at the Great Patriotic War, the State Awards to the Plant, Commendations by the Russian Federation President, Honorary Banners and Diplomas, the Plant's Books of Honor, book for the guests of honor, anniversary presents to the Plant.

    The Battle Glory exposition includes the objects located in the territory of the plant: the monument to the Plant workers that perished as warriors at the Great Patriotic War; the memorial plate to the Plant workers distinguished as Heroes of the Soviet Union; the showcase "The Marshals of the Great Victory"; the showcase "Photos by TASS (the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union)" devoted to the primary events of the Great Patriotic War.

    The exposition of the production of consumer goods consists of the following sections: the development of the television production between 1950 and 1990; the manufacture of the ultrasonic equipment; the manufacture of the light industry equipment and the power-driven tools, the energy- and resource-saving technologies; the manufacture of souvenir goods.

    The special-purpose equipment exposition displays developing the production of the air-defense and anti-missile facilities to guard our country. The collection of the Labour Glory Section demonstrates the Plant workers' labor achievements and victories

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    founded: 13.02.1974
    opened: 10.04.1976

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