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Phone: (812) 314-9789, 310-4395

Address: 191011, Saint-Petersburg, Nevskiiy pr., 39

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    In the center of Nevskyi prospekt there is a marvellous monuments of Russian architecture, the creation of great architect M. Zemtsov, V. Dmitriev, G. Qarenghi, B. Rastrelli, C. Rossi - the Anichkov Palace.

    Nowdays the beautifull tsar's rasidence belong to children and youth. It is the Palace of Youth Creativity.

    One can fined a greate variety of activities and studies for children: arts, science, sportsand many others.

    In the Palace the young citizens of St. Petersburg have the opportunity to complete their secondary education

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   lecture hall, public library, museum's caffe, playground

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   theartre, folk group

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    hotels and restaurants

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    (812) 314-9789, Fax: (812) 310-1414

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 12.02.1991

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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    culture for society, educational

    Architect and monuments,Historical

    permament show rooms 158,41м2
    museum's store 30,15м2
    museum's parks 2,38га

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    archive, science library, experts team

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