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Memorial in memory of L.N. Tolstoy "Astapovo"

Phone: (47464) 21-737

Address: 399870, Lipetsk region,

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    The L.N.Tolstoy State Museum - W1206, official web site tolstoymuseum.ru


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    "Leo Tolstoy memorial "Astapovo" is a memorial complex of buildings and territories reconstructed in a historical appearance. The centre of the memorial is Leo Tolstoy museum, located in the house of a former stationmaster of Astapovo station I.I. Ozolin, where Tolstoy spent the last 7 days of his life (he died on the 7th November in 1910). By the 100 anniversary of L.N. Tolstoy,s death a new exposition was opened. It, s name is "Astapovo meridian On the threshold of eternity". " Leo Tolstoy Cultural-educational centre" opened on the 20 th of November in 2010 is also a part of the complex

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Administrative phone:
    (47464) 21-737

Administrative address:
    Prechistenka str., 11/8, Moscow, 119034

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1910.
    opened: 01.12.1946

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Organisation type:
    culture for society


    permament show rooms 1822
    temporary exhibitions 1202
    museum's store 502
    museum's parks 0,8

Employee number:
    15 (curators: 5)

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