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    On the 13th of November 2012 will be the opening of “Cultural Alliance. Marat Guelman’s project” at the ex – premises of Guelman Gallery.

    The three sources were used as the starting points for creation of the project.

    The first one is the activity of Guelman Gallery, that was founded in 1990 and had a rough creative life for 22 years. The history of its success began from the “Southrussian wave” which had brought to capital sphere new creative forces. somehow New project carries on this traditions.

    The second one is the assosiation “Cultural Alliance”, which existed since 2010. It was founded as the union of the cities with its independent art life within the sphere of contemporary culture. The two large festivals and lots of exibitions were orginised during two years. Due to this events became clear that there were interesting art communities even far away from Moscow and that the regional artists didn’t feel themselves completely torn off from capital and even the international art scene, they knew the language of contemporary art overcoming both geography and the biography.

    And finally the third source is the exhibition “Art Against Geography”, which took place in 2011 within the 4th Moscow biennial of contemporary art. It pleasantly surprised both professionals and general public with really high-quality works of unknown artists. Besides the solutions of artistic problems the exibition demonstrated the new situation in Russian art in which the regions began to interact and cooperate with russian art community with the aim to overcome the depression of the territory independently, without the ministries of culture, the state museums and other official institutions.

    “Cultural Alliance. Marat Guelman’s project” is the non-profit organization with the main mission to turn the Moscow art scene into the Russian. In the first two years we are going to acquaint Moscow with an art situation in the Russian cities. At the same time we plan to work as producer agency for artists and as the gallery. We hope to expand considerably a circle of the authors presented in the gallery, not only at the expense of young, but also at the expense of the mature artists living outside of Moscow.

    As the curator of museum exhibitions I also plan to continue cooperation with the majority of Moscow art scene artists, with those artists whom I know long ago, I love and in whom I trust.

    We hope that the new exhibition platform will be interesting to Muscovites and will make the contribution to rich cultural life of the capital

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