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The state literary memorial and natural A.S. Pushkin's museum reserve "Boldino"

Phone: (83138) 2-33-77 - спр., 2-33-50 - экс. бюро

Address: 607940, Nizhni Novgorod region, Pushkinskaya str., 144, Bolshoye Boldino village

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    A.S.Pushkin State Literary-Memorial and Nature Preserve Boldino - W508, official web site boldinomuzey.ru/


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    The state literary memorial and natural A.S. Pushkin's museum reserve "Boldino" in Nizhniy Novgorod region was founded in 1949. At present time it includes the memorial country estate in the village Bolshoe Boldino, the grove Luchinnik and the poet's son A.A. Pushkin's country estate in the village Lvovka.

    Boldino is Pushkin's family estate from the end of the XVIth century. The poet had the phenomenal inspiration here in 1830 - the unique Boldino autumn. There are the authentic mansion and the park of the XIXth century in Boldino. In the mansion there is the literary memorial layout "Pushkin in Boldino". The layout of the rooms where the poet lived was recreated on the documentary basis. The estate office where Pushkin lived at his last visit to Boldino was restored in 1974. It is the memorial museum of way of life in the XIXth century.

    The estate complex was restored in 1980-90th years. The estate cook-house, bath-house, servants' hall, stable, coach-house and barn appeared at the usual places. There are the ethnographic layouts in these buildings now.

    In Boldino estate the mansion was reserved. It is the memorial of classicism of the beginning of the XIX century. In 1999 the church of the God's Mother's Assumption was restored at the reserved basis. It has two side-chapels: the Archangel Mihail's chapel and the Nikolay Chudotvorets' one. In the village Lvovka there are the mansion of the 1950th and the parish school of the 1905-06 reserved. In the temporary closed-down condition there is the church of St. Alexander Nevskiy built in 1910.

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   museum shop, lecture hall, museum's caffe, equipped for people with disabilities

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Administrative phone:
    (83138) 2-27-59, Fax: (83138) 2-27-59

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 24.06.1944
    opened: 18.06.1949

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Literature,Museum preserve,Memorial

    permament show rooms 1050м2
    temporary exhibitions 89м2
    museum's store 80м2
    museum's parks 57га

Employee number:
    90 (curators: 13)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    17500, rare collection's items: 7800

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