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Irkutsk State Industry Union "East" Labour Glory Museum

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    The Museum of the prodaction association "East" was opened in 1976. All the materials collected ther reflect back much light upon the previos history of the plant, on the main stages of its formation and development from 1945 to the present time.

    The fotopanorana made 56 years ago shows the first years of the work our plant, that time it was the automobile assembly plant (dimensions: 4 m х 2 m). Also we have the fragment of the GAS-51 car made of Whatman paper (dimensions: 2 m х 95 sm). Looking over numerous photoes showing the chronical of the building and the workers of different years, as well as honorary awards one can retrace the history of the case.

    AAfter the plant started produceing in 1953 different domestic radio apparatus (radio-sets, radio-gramophones)/ radio-stations (broadcasting station), equipement for loud-speaking connection for chemical, mining and extractive industry and armed fors the plant got the status of the plant of radio-sets.

    Many goods of this group are notable for an original design and technical eleboration, also they are by author's sertificates and patents.

    Our visitors pay great attention to: 1. the collection of radio-sets in wooden cases made useing lamps and radio-gramofones made useing semi-conductors with cases made of grey and black polystyrene, 2. the production of joint company "Baical": two-cassette stereo magnetolas (dimensions: 75 х 14 х 21), musical centers, computer play stations, many-functional flashlights (electric torches) prodused in 1994-1996, 3. the exposition "From lamps to microcircuits", that presents large collection of lamps used in 1956-1980 and microcircuits, 4. original photoes that show lowdspeaker life-sized, our loudspeakers were exported to more than 10 countries of the world.

    Also there is an exposition in our museum where one can look through albums, map-cases, books, photoes of the people who took part in the civil, Great Patriotic and in the Afgan wars. For example, the photo of V. Yu. Malyhin, whofell in the battle on the island Damansky in 1969.

    The complete instellement of the book "Memory" about soldiers killed in the Great Patriotic war and in Afganistan that was published by the Publishing House in Irkutsk under direct leadership of the Regional and Town Soviet of veterans is our pride, only few museums in Irkutsk have such one.

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