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Museum "Narvskaya Zastava"

Phone: (812) 300-8329

Address: 198095, Saint-Petersburg,

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    The Museum was founded in July 1990 as a museum of local history areas. The museum exposition is divided chronologically. Subjects main branch of the museum exhibits: Prehistory of southern coast of the Gulf, the history of the Peterhof road as suburban aristocratic suburbs of the capital, life and work of Princess Catherine Romanovna Dashkova - the outstanding statesman of the XVIII century and the history of the estate "Kiryanovo; Topic major expositions primary site of the museum (St.. Iv. Black, 23): History of the Narva Gate in the middle of the XVIII century up to 1917, History of the Kirov district of St. Petersburg, including its present borders (1917 - present).

    Foundations are completed on the topics: the history of the Peterhof road, ER Dashkova - Chapter two academies, the history of Narva part of St. Petersburg, the history of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in the Narva area of St. Petersburg, Narva outpost at the turn of the century, the Kirov district - district-front, the Kirov district of St. Petersburg today

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    (812) 300-8250, Fax: (812) 300-8250

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    founded: 1990г.

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    culture for society

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 200м2

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Collections volume:
    33000, rare collection's items: 22000

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