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Museum of the cars

Phone: (495) 539-54-54, +7(919) 784-05-02 (заказ экс.)

Address: 109544, Moscow,

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    www.russianmuseums.info/M1987 - official web page
    Museum of the cars - W584, official web site www.mtmuseum.ru


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    To date, the museum has about 3 000 items. Among them, 210 units of retro-technology (including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, trucks, special vehicles), as well as a large number of related items (antique objects and attributes). The area of exhibition halls around 7,5 thousand sq.

    The exhibition includes both domestic and foreign retro-technology.

    - In the museum you can trace the development of the domestic automobile industry, which brought the ruler cars Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ). Among them, the first mass car of the Soviet automobile industry "GAS-A". Reputable cars "Pobeda" and loved all the "Volga" GAZ - 21. Ordinary cars with extraordinary determination. So in the museum presented "Volga" GAZ-24 ", owned by Lev Yashin, the best goalkeeper in the history of world football.

    - The museum has exhibited a unique collection of cars, luxury class, created at the factory ZIL. Cars courtesy of the museum garage, a special purpose.

    - Forming a collection of cars, taxis, racing and much more


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   museum shop, equipped for people with disabilities

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    restaurant(s) or caffes

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Administrative phone:
    (495) 539-54-54 (конт. центр)

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 2016г.

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Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Science and technics

    permament show rooms 7500м2

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Specific departments:
    restoration dep. (ремонт и реставрация автомобилей и мототехники)

Collections volume:
    свыше 3000, rare collection's items: 220

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