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M. & A. Tsvetayevi Museum

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    Historical-cultural, memorial museum-reserve "Cimmeria of M. A. Voloshin" - W1859, official web site киммерия-волошина.рф


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    Koktebel and Feodosiya presented to sisters Tsvetayevi the strangest years of life. They remembered all life with inescapable nostalgia them. The exposition of the museum also tells about this period of happiness. First impression of sisters of Feodosiya: "It is the fairy tale from Gauf, a slice of Constantinople … And we understood - the Marine and I, - that Feodosiya - the magic city and those we fell in love with it forever" (A. Tsvetaeva).

    The chamber interior reflects a situation of a feodosiyskiy house of the beginning of the XX century. Pride of an exposition is the memorial furniture - a favorite chair of Marina, a little table, a sofa from those rooms in which Tsvetaeva with the husband and the daughter was spent by so many happy days. In an exposition, the rarest pictures, among which photo of the smiling Marina, photos of old Feodosiya.

    The museum leads creative life. Musical and poetic evenings, meetings with interesting people, the annual International Tsvetayevskiy musical and poetic festival is live streams of memory, love, appreciation to the great Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva and the writer Anastasia Tsvetaeva

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Administrative phone:
    (36562) 215-18

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    founded: 2001г.
    opened: 06.07.2009

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific


    permament show rooms 103,5м2
    museum's store 8,9м2

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    4 (curators: 2)

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Collections volume:
    1175, rare collection's items: 897

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