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The Museum of History of the Herzen State Pedagogical Universuty of Russia

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    The Museum of History was founded in 1974. The funds of Museum numbers more than 30000 items. The materials housed in the Museum represent the history of pedagogical institutions of St. Petersburg since 1770. Among the exhibits there are unique collections of the pupils of the Educational House, the Nicholas Orphanage, the Imperial Women's Pedagogical Institute, the Third Petrograd Higher Pedagogical Institute, documents concerning the establishment and reorganozation of pedagogica institutes, departments and chairs, posters with announcements of admittance of students and professors, the personal things and belongings, objects of the interior and etc. The personal funds of professors: N.P.Grinkova (1895-1961) and F.P.Filin (1908-1982) (literature). P.I.Borovitsky (1846-1966) and S.A.Pavlovitch (1884-1966) (methods of training of natural sciences), V.I.Verhovsky (1873-1947) (chemistry), A.P.Pinkevitch (1884-1939) and V.N.Soroka-Rosinsky (1882-1960) (pedagogics) and other contain unique material.

    The Museum keeps letters, postcards, photos with autographs of well-known scientists, writers, composers and sportsmen like V.M.Bekhterev, P.F.Lesgaft, I.I.Tolstoy, P.F.Kapterev, Y.V.Tolubeev, L.Egorova and many others. There are more than 16500 photographs in the Museum's funds including the unique works of outstanding St.Petersburg masters C.Bulla, C.Stegeman, I.Otzup and others.

    The indubitable value has the collection reflecting heroic deeds of the Herzen graduates in the rear and at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War including personal things, photo-albums, diaries, military awards, books with autographs and etc.

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    (812) 571-71-54, Fax: (812) 571-71-54

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    founded: 17.07.1974

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    scientific, educational


    permament show rooms 60м2
    temporary exhibitions 250м2
    museum's store 50м2

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    более 30000, rare collection's items: 23300

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