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Memorial ship "Krasnyy vympel" ("Red pennant")

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    Guard boat "Krasny vympel" became a memorial ship by Decret of Pacific Navy Military Council of July 28, 1958, she got on "Eternal Stand" by the Navy Quay in Vladivoostok. She was built in 1911 in Finland as a steam yacht and was named after Kamchatka Governor and Port of Petropavlovsk Commander Vice-Admiral V.S.Zavoiko. She was at Kamchatka Governor's disposal up to 1922, then she sailed to Vladivostok. In 1923 she got a new name "Krasny vympel". The ship quarded territorial waters of Russian Far East, participated in World War Two. Now these is a display an board of Her about the heroic past of the ship

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