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    Maritime Museum Aquarium situated is located of Vladivostok on the Sportivnaya harbor. Three halls with a total area of 1300 m2 are dedicated to the Pacific wildlife. The life exhibition is represented in large round hall. The inhabitants of freshwater basins, Peter the Great Bay and tropical seas are located in nineteen aquarium. Four coldwater tanks present inhabitants of Japan and Okhotsk seas.

    A part of the exposition is devoted to the ornamental aquarium fish located in the standalone tanks. Currently living collection amounts to more than 170 species of the aquatic organisms by total number about 2 500 specimens. These are fish and invertebrates of middle latitudes, subtropical, tropical marine and freshwater fish species. The display of Maritime Museum is presented as thematic collections divided into zoogeographic zones. In the showcases you may see all typical representatives of the marine realm as well as the collections of sponges, corals, sea snakes, shells, crabs, deepwater and rare species of fish, birds, and marine mammals. The other part of exposition shows the biogroups with pinguins, albatrosses, sea otters and latimeria in their natural habitat. The museum collection consists of 1705 pieces. Among them are such unique as the skull of sea (Steller) cow, embryo of albino otter, leatherback sea turtle and snake named after the head of the museum

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Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 12.07.1991

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    culture for society, scientific

    Natural history

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    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    1705, rare collection's items: 1345

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