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The Khabarovsk Regional Museum after N.I. Grodekov. Museum of archaeology

Phone: (4212) 32-41-77

Address: 680000, Khabarovsk area,

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    Archaeological section was established on the basis of the Khabarovsk Regional museum in 1998.It is located in a separate building that belonged the merchant Luebben, the owner of the brewery. The museum's archaeological funds contain over 160 000 articles. 1200 of them such as Sykachi-Alyan petrogliphs are unique.

    The archaeological funds was started with collections of V.K. Arsenyev and A.P. Okladnikov.

    The museum expositions cover the period from the descent of man to the middle ages: Mongol Invasion that overwhelmed the powerful Ju-Chen Empire. Diorama "The hunters' site", interiors of ancient dwellings, remains of ancient ceramic, tools, arrow heads, animal bones, net sinkers, harpoons and and many other items are represented here.

    "The Magic Birch Bark" , "Neolithic letters" and "Pristine Prometey" master classes and lessons are given in the expositions

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    hotels and restaurants

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Administrative phone:
    (4212) 32-41-77

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1998г.

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific


Employee number:
    25 (curators: 8)

Specific departments:
    archive, experts team

Collections volume:
    ок.160 000, rare collection's items: более 60 000

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