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    The museum - reserve « Prohorovskoe a field » is created in memory of one of the largest battles of Great Domestic war - Prohorovskom battle. To 50-летию of a Great Victory were erect a Monument of a Victory - belfry and Temple of the sacred apostles Petra and Pavla, which are considered as symbols third ратного of a field of Russia.

    Especially revere of a place: burial places Soviet warrior of the period of Great Domestic war - brotherly tombs. Largest of them are located in a village Charming and farm Sentry.

    For last years agrees of the plan of development of a museum - reserve at support of administration of the Belgorod area and Trustee Advice(council) « Prohorovskoe a field » erect a sculptural composition « warrior, the fallen on Prohorovskom a field », « a Bell of a unification of three slavic peoples ». On « a Tank field » the exposition platform with samples armoured of engineering of Red Army of the period of Great Domestic war is open.

    In a museum of a history Prohorovskogo of battle exhibitions constantly work. The devoted histories of Kursk fight and battles under Prohorovkoy.

    The interest is represented by(with) library them. N.I.Rigkova, which is located in a building of the cultural - historical centre.

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    (47242) 2-19-99, Fax: (47242) 2-12-77

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    founded: 26.04.1995
    opened: 03.05.1995

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    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Historical,Museum preserve

    permament show rooms 1754,87м2
    temporary exhibitions 174м2
    museum's store 174м2
    museum's parks 9,93га

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    169 (curators: 20)

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    19662, rare collection's items: 8047

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