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The Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola city

Phone: (8362) 42-3632

Address: 424000, Mariy El Republic,

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    The Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola city - W1878, official web site www.i-ola-museum.ru/


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    The Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola city was opened on 30 September 1996. It is situated in the private house of Tzarevokokshaisk's timber industrialist T.V.Chulkov. This house was build in 1911, it has a beautiful wing and it is decorated by wonderful wood-carving and brick-carving. The building is a historical and architectural monument of republic importance. The invariable exposition of the museum is devoted to the history of Yoshkar-Ola, beginning with town foundation (1584) to the events of October in 1917. This museum presents a great number of exhibits, which tell us about the premises and the origin of the fortress-town Tzarev on the river Kokshaga; about its social and economic development; about the history of the town building; about life and manner, traditions and future of its inhabitants. The museum collection of ethnographical art, decorative and applied art, the subjects of archeology and geology, the pictures and fotodocuments are of great value.

    The Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola city not only keeps and collects the evidence of the ancient history of Yoshkar-Ola, but the work-staff of the museum carries out cultural and educational activities as well. The tradition of the museum is the organization of ethnographical lectures, cultural evenings and meetings with famous people of Yoshkar-Ola. The Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola city has also "The club of town connoisseurs".

    The museum doors are always opened for everybody, who is interested in the history of one of Russian ancient town

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   folk group

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Administrative phone:
    (8362) 42-3632

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 01.02.1996
    opened: 30.09.1996

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum

    permament show rooms 130м2
    temporary exhibitions 208м2
    museum's store 40м2

Employee number:
    27 (curators: 7)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    более 20000, rare collection's items: 12356

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