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    The Memorial museum of A.S.Popov includes a museum-laborotory and a museum-apartment of the prominent Russian scientist, inventor of radio. In the museum-laboratory Popov's original physical instruments, his first wireless

    set and ship radio stations equipment are exibited. There are documents here confirming Popov's priority in the

    invention of radio. The exposition is represented on eighteen exhibition stands reflects the main events of Popov's life, such as leaning in St. Peterburg University, the first demonstration of wireless communication on May 7, 1895, and collboration with French engineer E.Ducretet (1898) for serial production of wireless telegraphy equipment which was named "Popov-Ducreted system". Numerous Russian and international prizes, titles, decorations and medal demonstrate the merits of A.S.Popov. Some from those rewards are represented on the exhibition stands and in show-windows. In the museum-apartment (drawing room, study, dining-room, bed-room) the collection of household things and pictures are represented. In drawing room scientific conferences, meetings, conserts take place. A great number of letters of Russian and foreign correspondents of Popov are hold in museum archives

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    более 15000

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