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Historical and Architectural Complex "Teremok" RSBIC"The Smolensk State Museum-Preserve"

Phone: (4812) 36-15-05

Address: 216012, Smolensk region, the Smolensk District, Flyonovo Settlement

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    The Historical and Architectural Complex "Teremok" is situated in Talashkino, the former estate of M. K. Tenisheva, in 18 kilometers from Smolensk. The center of art and education was created here at the end of the 19th century. The creator of the center, patron and collector, Mariya Klavdiyevna Tenisheva managed to realize the ideas of the revival of the Russian national art at her estate. Here at the edge of the centuries worked making the masterpieces of the new style N. Roerich, S. Malutin, M. Vrubel, I. Repin, A. Zinovyev and other artists.

    At present the Historical and Architectural Complex "Teremok" is functioning as a department of the Smolensk State Museum- Preserve at the small village of Flyonovo. Two expositions work for visitors while telling them about thecreative and educational work of the Talashkino workshops, the collecting work and teaching of M. K. Tenisheva.

    The original art works and samples of architecture, the magnificent landscape make anyone remember the opinion of Tenisheva's contemporaries called Talashkino "Athens of the Russian peasants"

Museum's building(s):
    The ensemble of the monuments of architecture of the late 19th -early 20thcenturies made in the modernist style. One of those preserved for our days isa two-stored building of "Teremok" made in the Russian Revival style with the original stylization of forms for the people's art which produced such a miracle mane ("Teremok"). The author of the project is S. V. Malutin.

    The other one isa brick-made church on granite plinths named in honor of the Descending of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles (the burial-vault of Tenishevs, 1901 - 1914) - a monument of the Russian Revival style with three rows of "kokoshniks"(cornices shaped like the triangle Russian women's head-dresses) and a small head.The authors of the project are I. F. Barshevskiy, S. V. Malutin and M. K. Tenisheva. Above the entrance there's a mosaic preserved for our days. Its name is the Soudarium (the image of the Savior not made by hands). It depicts the angels bowing their heads before Christ. It's made out in the manner of the ancient Russian painting in theyears of 1908 - 1914 by the sketch of N.K. Roerich. There are some fragments of the altar painting preserved inside of the church.

    There are two buildings reconstructed on the bases of the early 20th century: a one-stored wooden building with an attic of the former agricultural school of M. K. Tenisheva (restored in 1991), a one-stored wooden building of the hostel for boys (restored in 1995) and wooden gates of the fence (restored in 2004)

Museum foundator: Mariya Klavdiyevna Tenisheva (1858-1928)

Museum's services:
   museum shop, lecture hall

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Administrative phone:
    (4812) 36-15-05

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1946г.
    opened: 1965г.

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, educational

    Historical,Painting art

    permament show rooms 420,6м2
    museum's parks 13,2га

Employee number:
    34 (curators: 9)

Average visitors per year:

Rare collections (unique items):
    The collection of furniture - 18 things
    The collection of rare book - 3 things
    The collection of textiles and clothes - 22 things
    The collection drawings - 14 things
    The collectionof natural science - 118 things
    The collection of the decorative and applied art works ofM. K. Tenisheva - 214 things

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