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Staraja Ladoga Historical-Architectural and Archaeological Museum Reserve

Phone: (813) 634-90-70

Address: 187412, Leningrad region, 19, Volhovsky pr., w. Old Ladoga, Volhovsky region

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    The first exposition of the Staraya Ladoga museum of local history museum was opened in the fortress of Ladoga on July 15, 1971. According to the decision of the Council of Ministers of The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic No. 999-r the museum received the status of the state historical-architectural and archaeological museum-reserve including more than 160 objects of cultural heritage. Ladoga (since 1704 Staraya (Old) Ladoga) is the only chronicle town which preserves pre-Petrine layout.

    Today it is possible to see here the restored Ancient Russian churches pre-Christian burial mounds ensembles of St. Nicholas and the Assumption monasteries, stone fortress of the 18th c. and the place of prehistoric man settlement.

    s and Nicholas Uspensky monastery fortress in the XVI. and place of prehistoric man.

    The eldest architectural monuments of Staraya Ladoga are the remains of the 12th c. stone fortress and the northernmost churches of pre-mongolian Rus - the Assumption cathedral and St. George's church with the 12th c. frescoes. One of them is the unique "St. George and the Dragon" where the saint martyr pacifies the Dragon by the power of pray.

    The invaluable evidence of the history of early Ladoga gives the 8-11 cc. cultural layer. Different pieces made of leather, wood, birch bark, bone, metal have been preserved throughout centuries in soil. One can see the essential data concerning the emergence and the development of the town, the international trade - jewelry, casual items, craft tools, dress adornments at the museum exhibits

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    (813) 637-35-24, Fax: (813) 637-35-24

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1969г.
    opened: 15.07.1971

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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    culture for society

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Museum preserve

    permament show rooms 356,1м2
    temporary exhibitions 85,7м2
    museum's store 428,7м2

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    52 (curators: 6)

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    archive, science library, experts team

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    145025, rare collection's items: 142024

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