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The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Syktyvkar State University

Phone: (8212) 390-371

Address: 167001, Komi Republic,

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    The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Syktyvkar State University - W1673, official web site muzkomp.syktsu.ru/http-www-komi-com-eam/


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    The museum is the studying base and center of archeological and ethnographic expedition of the university. The first collections were formed on the basis of archeological excavations of different objects. The archeological exhibition is made due to the principle of cultural and chronological exposure beginning with the epoch of mesolith. In a separate glass-case we can find the objects of cult plastics, starting with stone sculptures of bronze age and ending with Perm animal style bronze. The part of the expositions is a reconstruction of medieval sepulchral erections, performed due to the ritual of cremation.The ethnographic materials reflect the traditional local culture and give ethnographic information connected with the main activities of indigenous people - hunting, fishing, crafts, agriculture, cattle-breeding - and their material culture

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Administrative phone:
    (8212) 390-371

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 1977г.

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    permament show rooms 126,2м2
    museum's store 51,6м2

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Specific departments:
    archive, science library, restoration dep. (металл, керамика)

Collections volume:
    более 800000

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