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Shuya Soap Museum

Phone: (49351) 47-290, 8 (903) 8789595

Address: 155901, Ivanovo region,

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    Shuya Soap Museum was open on July 27.2014 under the patronage of Shuya Soap non-commercial organization. The exhibition of Shuya Soap museum shows the history of Shuya and world soap-making including the history of hygiene, washing and laundry, the technology of soap-making and the special way of Shuya soap-making development.

    For 60 minutes the visitors of Shuya Soap Museum see the history of XVII - XXI centuries via the piece of soap. They learn about the substitution of soap in different periods and what was the soap invention in different industries and in medicine, how much it costed years ago, about soap fakes and the protection of real soap. They remember sayings about soap and learn a lot of unusual and interesting things.

    The exhibits include machinery and tools, old trade equipment, interesting samples of soap, tooth powder, wash powder, laundry tools, army soap-boxes from various countries, souvenir samples, plus collection of art works from soap

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Administrative phone:
    (49351) 47-290

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    opened: 27.07.2014

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   Society org.

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    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum,Science and technics,Painting art

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