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The State Historical-Architectural and Natural Museum and Preserve "Park Monrepos"

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Address: 188800, Leningrad region, Leningrad region, Vyborg, "Monrepo" Park

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    The Monrepos Park (Vyborg, Russia) is only in Russia rocky landscape park of XVIII-XIX centuries. From 1988 there is situated the State historical, architectural and natural museum-reserve in Monrepos. The general area of the park is about 163 hectares; it is located on the coast of Vyborg Gulf.

    The names 'Monrepos' is well-known not only for its park and its vistas, but also for buildings of manor and the Library wing (both under the restoration at the moment). Among the most appreciable sights of park are Broglie's obelisk, the Ludwigstein Chapel on so-called "Island of Dead", a statue of W?in?m?inen, the hero of Karelian epos "Kalevala", and Temple of the Neptune.

    The owners of Monrepos in XVIII century were in sequence the over-commandant of the Vyborg fortress Pyotr Stupishin and the Vyborg general-governor Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Prince von W?rttemberg. From 1788 till 1943 Monrepos has been belonged to Baron Nicolay's family. Ludwig Heinrich von Nicolay and his son Paul have created the park well-known throughout Russian Empire and Europe. Among the architects, designers, and decorators who worked on the park were G.A. Martinelli, A. Montferrand, Th. de Thomon, A. Stackenschneider, Ch. Tatham, P. Gonzaga, J. Mettenleiter. At the Soviet epoch the Central recreation park has been located at this territory.

    The stuff of Monrepos Park Museum conducts various works on studying and preservation of unique park. During last fifteen years some destroyed objects of note (Chinese bridges, Temple of the Neptune, a statue of W?in?m?inen) have been restored. The traditional activities of summer seasons are numerous excursions, Chamber Music Festival "Evenings at Monrepos", festival of acoustic music

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    founded: 22.01.1988

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

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