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    The small wooden house near the road going through the village of Korindo has become a sight much favoured by tourists. For two centuries the house was the dwelling associated with the name of Arina Rodionovna, the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's nanny, and her descendants.

    Arina Rodionovna Matveyeva, nee Yakovleva, was born on 10 April ,1758, in the village of Voskresenskoye, near Kobrino, in the family of Abram Gannibal, s serfs, Rodion Yakovlev and Lukerya Kirillova. She was only ten when her father died leaving seven little children. From her early childhood Arina Rodionovna got to know hard work and poverty.

    In 1781 Arina Rodionovna married the serf Fiodor Matveyev and moved to the village of Kobrino where she had lived for sixteen years. It was only in 1795 that the family got a house of their own. At that time the Pushkin's took her as a nanny for their children. Living with the Pushkin family she often visited Kobrino where her children remained.

    The name of Arina Rodionovna is inseparably linked with Pushkin and his poetry. Her kindness and humaneness contributed to moulding of the young Pushkin's character. She acquainted him with Russian folklore; many of Pushkin's works were based on popular tales, proverbs, sayings and bylinas that he recorded from his nanny, e.g. The Tsar Saltan or The Priest and His Servant Balda. Many times was Arina Rodionovna the first listener of Pushkin's verses, and many of them Pushkin dedicated to her.

    The descendants of Arina Rodionovna lived in the house till 1974 when the museum was opened. They revered the memory of the plain Russian woman who was the great poet's friend. In the Nanny' s House the interior of a late eighteenth - early nineteenth century peasant house has been reconstructed: a Russian stove near the door, a bed and a hanging cradle behind a linen curtain, a table with earthenware, wooden and birch bark plates and dishes, wide benches, chests, and other pieces of peasant furniture. In the corner there are icons and icon- lamp. This museum was created owing to the people's devotion to the great Russian poet; all its exhibits are donations of his admirers

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