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House-museum of Hermann Brachert

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Address: 238560, Kaliningrad region,

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    Large event in cultural life not only in Kalinigrad region was the opening a House-museum of German sculptor Hermann Brachert (1890-1972) in 1993. The creative way of the sculptor consists of three parts: Stuttgart - Konisberg - Stuttgart. For 25 years of creativity in East Prussia by him was created more than 20 single and group monumental works, today in Kaliningrad there is one and 5 works in Svetlogorsk. The result of museum's serch is four reliefs of 1923 at former bobbin factory Konisberg, relief in former Georgenswalde, unique medal devoted to Immanel Kant, documents, books, photo are found. The museum has recieved the grant from Soros foundation and has lead the international symposium of the sculptors and international scientific conference. the wife of the sculptor was hereditary Russian noblewoman from St.-Petersburg Mia Brachert. She worked in gallery of Konigsberg castle together with the keeper of assembly of arts doctor Alfred Rohde. In search work we hope for meetung with the disciples if Hermann Brachert, who after the second world war was the first rector of Stuttgart Academy of applied arts

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    (40153) 21-166, Fax: (40153) 21-166

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    opened: 14.07.1993

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    culture for society

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Memorial,Painting art

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    archive, science library

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    594, rare collection's items: 581

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