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Museum of N.V. Plevitskaya

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    Museum of N.V. Plevitskaya - the branch of Kursk Museum of Local History- was opened for the 130th anniversary of the singer by order of the Governor A. Mikhailov. The exhibition, built on Nadezhda Vasil'evna's memories , used documentary and iconographic material from the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, Russian Art Library, funds of Kursk museum of Local History , archive of chairman of the Kursk Regional Studies Society Yuri Bugrov. In addition to the original objects reflecting the epoch, the exhibit includes a variety of installation, which creates the impression of volume and perspective. Particular attention is paid to the origins of the singer, her relation to the Kursk land which she loved, which she sought, being in exile. In the halls of the museum is full of music: folk songs since childhood Dezhki (so called native Nadezhda), including the songs in her performance.

    In 2010 a concert hall was opened

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   lecture hall, equipped for people with disabilities

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    (4712) 59-40-43

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    opened: 03.10.2009

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   State Russia

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    culture for society


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