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    The Life and creative work of Dmitriy Narkisovich Mamin - Sibiryak, theRussian writer - democrat (1852-1912) is closely connected to the Urals/ In 1885, after recilving the authoris fees for the noveis: "Privalov's Millions" and "Mountain Nest" he purchased a four - room wooden house with a kitchen and a corridor. The current house address is 27 Pushkina St. (ex-Sobornaya St). The house was occupied by the writer's family - his mother, sister and brothers. D.N.Mamin - Sibiryak himself, permanently lived in the hoyse of his wife M.J.Alexeyeva, but re daily visited his family house and had a private study there. In 1890 (when D.N.Mamin - Sibiryak uft Ekaterinburg for St. Peterburg) his house was entarget according to his drawings (the lobby, porch and two mmore rooms were added). The front of the house was tiled with bricks. When in 1903 D.N.Mamin - Sibiryak had returned to Ekaterinburg, he visited his parent's rebuilt house.

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