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Astrakhanskiy State Nature Reserve

Phone: (8512) 30-17-64, 38-19-52 - заказ экскурсий

Address: 414021, Astrakhan region,

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    Astrakhanskiy Nature Reserve was founded in 1919 for the reason guard of unique natural complexes of delta of Volga. At present, the territory of Astrakhanskiy Nature Reserves consists of three areas in lower reacheds of delta. The positive role of Astrakhanskiy Nature Reserve is in conservation and reconstruction of flora and faunas of delta of Volga and North Caspian. For excample, same types of flora and faunas, which threaten the full disappearance, were to restore (lotus, big white heron). Astrakhanskiy Nature Reserve has got stаtus "Bioshere" in accordance with decision UNESCO in 1984.

    In 1957 on Damchik area of Astrakhanskiy Nature Reserve there was founded "Museum of nature", in 1972 its exposure extended and is carried in new building. There are different excursions in Museum: overview (on 4 rooms of a museum) and thematic (deepened excursion on 1-2 rooms, depending on themes). Short information on histories of creation and the main history events in lifes Astrakhanskiy Reserve (1-st room) and directions of scientific studies (2-nd room). The feature vegetable and bestial world of delta of Volga (3-rd room). The Regularities of spreading vegetable and bestial organisms depending on nature ambiences (4-s room)

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Administrative phone:
    (8512) 30-17-64, Fax: (8512) 30-17-64

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 1919г.

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    culture for society, scientific

    permament show rooms 300м2
    temporary exhibitions 238м2

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    archive, science library

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