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Museum of the City of Novosibirsk

Phone: (383) 228-75-46, 8-913-735-0337 (заказ экскурсий)

Address: 630099, Novosibirsk region,

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    Novosibirsk City Museum - W1414, official web site m-nsk.ru/


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    Novosibirsk City Museum was founded on 1 March 2010 on the basis of "The Memorial house named after Y.V. Kondratyuk" which was devoted to one of the world space travel pioneers. The unique history of the capital of Siberia gives a lot of ideas to the Museum. The Museum makes a lot of exhibition projects which are being organized with the assistance of various museums, organizations and residents of the city that provide the Museum with unique objects. This collaboration gives an opportunity to present rare historical materials. In 2011 the Centre of verbal history was opened in the Museum. This Centre contributed to the development of the cultural succession. The Museum makes a lot of other exhibitions and projects: international artistic competition for children "Space and I", historical and cultural projects "Our inheritance", "900 days of brotherhood" etc.

    The Museum also organizes interesting cultural events aimed at the popularization of Novosibirsk history. One of the most important aspects of the Museum initiatives is the development of the author`s excursions, including excursions for disabled people.

    In 2012 a new type of exhibition was organized by the Museum- a street photo exhibition and photo exhibitions at the Underground stations in order to make the city history more available to the public.

    Since 2011 the City Museum has been the main organization of Novosibirsk museum association

Museum's services:
   museum shop, lecture hall

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    hotels and restaurants

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Administrative phone:
    (383) 228-75-46

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 07.07.1993
    opened: 01.03.2010

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum,Science and technics,Memorial

    permament show rooms 140м2
    temporary exhibitions 240м2
    museum's store 34м2

Employee number:
    42 (curators: 4)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    11466, rare collection's items: 2672

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