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Museum of Nikolskaya School after N.M. Rubtsov

Phone: (81739) 61-5-62

Address: 161325, Vologda region,

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    Nikolskaya School after N.M. Rubtsov is an educational institution, one of the ways of its work is the studying the history and the culture of his native land. The Museum Association's work is dedicated to it. The Assosiation consists of two school museums: the Museum of the objects of peasant life of the late 19th century and the early 20th century and the School Museum after N. M.Rubtsov. The Russian poet N. Rubtsov considered the village Nikolskoye, where the school is located, as his homeland. It is the place where he wrote many poems which became the masterpieces of the Russian poetry. These school museums show the historical and the cultural characteristics of the village Nikolskoye

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    (81739) 61-5-62, Fax: (81739) 61-5-62

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    opened: 2000г.

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    culture for society, educational

    Historical,Regional museum,Literature,Painting art

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