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Art Gallery of E.M. Lunin

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    Art Gallery of E.M. Lunin was registered in February 2002 in the Cherepovets city. It is based on the private collection of the scientist, entrepreneur, philanthropist Eugene Mihailovich Lunin. It is dedicated to the art of Vologda end of XX century - beginning of XXI century. The art riented to the realistic tradition.

    Today, the collection of the gallery, there are about 3,000 items of paintings, original and prints, sculptures. The collection presents 100 authors, five artists awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation, 15 - Honored Artist of Russia.

    Principles of acquisition this gallery are monographic, and it corresponds to the scientific approach. Partition the artists V.Vetrogonskij, V. Pimenov, V. Sergeyev, O. Borozdin, V. Strakhov, V. Latyntsev, M.Kopjov, A. Savin and other leading artists of the Vologda enjoying the greatest popularity and demand of the audience. Feature of the museum is also working with the artistic legacy has gone masters of painting and graphics: N. Grishachev, M.Larichev, S. Telenkov, A. Nagovitsyn, S. Khrustaleva. The collection also is replenished by the works of the artists, recently declared themselves: R. Zubkov, O. Karpachova, V. Kopylov, A. Novgorodova V. Konstantinov.

    Speaking of the prevailing themes in the collection, there are landscape line, narrative, including a number of paintings story 1960-1980's in the style of social realism and to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Collection of the Art Gallery of E.M. Lunin allow to get acquainted with the works created in the early 1990's until 2005, when the government purchases of works of art in museums have been terminated.

    Gallery engages in exhibitions and publishing. During his tenure, created 23 documentary films and a series of books on the life and work of artists of Vologda, 120 exhibitions held in Russia and other countries. This gallery cooperates with museums, galleries and cultural institutions in the Vologda region and the Russian Federation

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    founded: 2002г.

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    culture for society

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