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Literature museum devoted to Stepan Shchipachev

Phone: (34376) 5-61-07

Address: 623530, Sverdlovsk region,

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    Literature museum devoted to Stepan Shchipachov was founded in 1994 in the birth place of the poet in the town Bogdanovich, Sverdlovsk region, Urals, Russia. The widow of the poet called Valentina Nikolaevna from Moscow gave the main part of the exposition of the museum as a gift.The fund of the museum contains more than 5 thousand units of value. The main literary exhibition "The way into the poetry"includes authentic documents belonging to the Soviet age. The museum is roomed in a cosy flat, which has an exposition, a hallmand a study. The poet's study is the one in Peredelkino (Moscow region). There is a panorama of the village of Shchipachev reminding you of a vision of poet dreaming of returning home where everything had began. In the hall meetings with poets, literary classes, games or brain-rings are being held for children and grown-ups. The house-museum devoted to Stepan Shchipachov in Bogdanovich has become the centre of intellectual life in this small provincial town. The museum prepares and publishes almanacs of the town poets, arranges original parties, tournaments for the poets and literary celebrations

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Administrative phone:
    (34376) 5-61-07

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    founded: 19.08.1994

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    culture for society, scientific


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    museum's store 52

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    5110, rare collection's items: 2810

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