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The Museum of History of Altai Medicine

Phone: (38557) 7-07-11

Address: 658210, Altai area,

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    The Museum of History of Altai Medicine was founded in the 17-th of December 1993, at the Town Hospital № 2.The stocks of museum is more than 10000 exhibits. Historical relict, old instruments and remidies, rare medical pyblications tell about regularities of Altai medicine formation. Some displayse reveal the essence of national vedicine. For example, bath-house was the first slavic hospital. There is apeasant's house with its decorations. There is a lot of matireals about participation of medical personal in the Great Patriotic War. An operating room and a ward of mobil military hospital are represented here. One can see the equipment of farmacy of the first half of the 20-th century, Altai medical herbs, the formation of sanitary-health resort service. One can have a chance to look throught hundred-one-year microscope. The matirials about medical education in the region

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Administrative phone:
    (38557) 7-07-11

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    founded: 17.12.1993

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    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Natural history,Historical

    permament show rooms 1007м2
    temporary exhibitions 46м2
    museum's store 71,7м2

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    18595, rare collection's items: 5378

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