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The State Centre for Museums and Exhibitions of Photography "ROSPHO"

Phone: (812) 500 7000

Address: 190000, Saint-Petersburg, 35 Bol. Morskaya

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    The activities of The State Russian Centre for Museums and Exhibitions of Photography "ROSPHO", founded in 2002 by Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation, embrace exhibitions, scientific research and educational programs.

    The Centre exhibits works of well known national and international masters of photography, as well as young talented artists working in the genres of contemporary art closely connected with photography: video-art, photographic installations, animation, experimental cinema.

    Most important projects in ROSPHOTO are the ones that unite exhibition with research. Such projects make progress not only in expositional work but also in scientific research. Moreover, they often result in publications that regard photography from the angle of history and art history. Such projects, bearing an undoubted scientific value, are usually conducted by ROSPHOTO in collaboration with the Russian National Library (St.-Petersburg), Musee d'Orsay (Paris), European Institute of Restoration and Graphics (Paris), Musee de l'Elysee (Lausanne, Switzerland) and other important research and museum centers.

    Constantly expanding its collection (by now approx. ten thousand items), ROSPHOTO is currently developing a program entitled "Russian Museum of Photography" and an online resource "Russia's Photographic Heritage". Both these great endeavors require research work in the sphere of preservation and processing of digital electronic images, cataloging, conservation and restoration of photography. In the practical work and research on complex preservation of cultural heritage, ROSPHOTO cooperates with various institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Komarov Botanical Institute, Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation of Documents at the Russian Academy for Sciences) and such well-known foreign research centers as Chicago Albumen Works.

    Centre has been developing restoration, conservation and preservation methods and technologies that would allow effective solutions in taking care of any private collection or museum archive of photographs and negatives. The laboratory of scientific restoration at ROSPHOTO conducts works on restoration and conservation of photography and provides training for young specialists.

    Among educational programs run by ROSPHOTO are a lecture course in the history and theory of photography for higher educational establishments and an annual conference entitled "Photography in Museum"

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Administrative phone:
    (812) 500 7000

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    founded: 15.08.2002

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    culture for society, scientific, educational

    Historical,Painting art

    temporary exhibitions 7182
    museum's store 242

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    48 (curators: 2)

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    archive, science library, experts team, restoration dep. (, , )

Collections volume:
    25000, rare collection's items: 25000

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