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The Exhibition Hall on Pokrovskaya

Phone: (8422) 32-62-51, 32-45-32 - экс.бюро

Address: 432063, Ylyanovsk region,

Working hours:*

    www.russianmuseums.info/M3075 - official web page
    The State historical memorial complex "Lenin`s hometown" - W1182, official web site www.ulzapovednik.ru


billboard, events and excursions

    The Exhibition Hall is situated on a place of the former stone shop of A.F.Petrova constructed in 1878. There are regularly organized exhibitions from reserve funds and private collections, and exhibitions from other cities. Each exhibition has the calendar of events: concerts, master trainings, creative meetings.

    There is a general overhaul and installation of a new exhibition equipment currently

Next to the museum there are:
    hotels and restaurants

for museum professionals

Administrative phone:
    (8422) 32-62-51, Fax: (8422) 32-63-62

Foundation and opening day:
    opened: 06.03.2001

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Museum preserve,Painting art

    permament show rooms 100м2

Employee number:
    4 (curators: 3)

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