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The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum

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    The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum is a city estate of the eighteenth century recreated at River Fontanka Embankment, 118, in the house where Gavrila Derzhavin, great Russian poet, the predecessor of Pushkin lived for nearly 25 years. For the amount of information this Museum occupies a special niche in the cultural life of contemporary St. Petersburg. In 2003 the Memorial Museum of G. Derzhavin and Russian Letters of His Time was opened in the central block of the house to mark the 300 anniversary of Petersburg. Since the beginning of 1790-ies and up to Derzhavin's death (1816) of the poet's house remained one of the cultural centers of St. Petersburg, the locus of spiritual life of the capital. There, surpassing the limits of small societies and salons, gathered the artistic, literary and political elite of the country, including A. Bezborodko, A. Stroganov, D. Fonvizin, A. Olenin, N. Karamzin, I. Krilov, V. Zhukovsky, D. Levytsky and others. Starting from 1811, the famous group Lovers of the Russian Word had its sessions the Big Hall with 2 rows of windows. The Museum exhibition is dedicated to the life and creative work of G. Derzhavin in connection with Russian literature of the eighteenth century. The rooms feature manuscripts, artwork, rare books of the eighteenth century, journals, furniture, crafts, paintings, and graphics dating to the late eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries, as well as portraits of the poet's contemporaries. Derzhavin's portraits painted by S. Tonci, V. Borovikovsky, A. Vasilievsky create the effect of his presence in the Museum rooms. Unique interiors of the eighteenth century are restored with maximum accuracy: Derzhavin's Study, Straw and Sofa drawing rooms, Home Theatre and others.

    The literary exhibition Owners of Russian Lyre. From Derzhavin to Pushkin in the eastern wing of the house acquaints visitors with the history of Russian literature of the eighteenth century and different literary movements of that time. On display are paintings, engravings, iconography, medals, applied art, and portraits of the most significant figures in literature, history and culture of the late eighteenth - early nineteenth century, copies of manuscripts of that time on archival paper, books, magazines, and other relics.

    Other permanent exhibitions working in the Museum are: In the White Gloss of Porcelain (porcelain of the late eighteenth - twentieth centuries), Pushkin in the Memory of Generations (works of the artists of the twentieth century), and The National Pushkin Museum. Pages of History. They represent more than 100 years history of the National Pushkin Museum and its richest collections, demonstrating items not included into the main memorial expositions. The Derzhavin Estate Museum also has several halls for temporary exhibitions, literary and musical evenings, scholarly meetings and concert programs. In July the Museum holds the annual holiday of Russian poetry of the eighteenth century

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    opened: 28.05.2003

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    culture for society, scientific

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Literature,Memorial

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    temporary exhibitions 358,12
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    13 000

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    894, rare collection's items: 528

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