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Historical cultural museum complex in Razliv

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    Saint-Petersburg State Institution of Culture "Historical cultural museum complex in Razliv" involves two museums - "Shalash" (the word "shalash" means the shelter of brunches and hay) and "Sarai" (the wooden shed) - united with the common theme: the last V.I. Lenin's underground in July-August of 1917.

    Museum "Sarai" was opened for visitors in 1925. The exposition recreates the ambience in which V.I. Lenin lived for a few days when he was hidden by N. A. Emelianov, a worker of Sestroretsk Armory plant. The shed was restored to the 100-year anniversary of V.I. Lenin and protected with a glass case.

    Museum "Sarai" is situated on the eastern bank of the lake Razliv. V.I. Lenin lived in the shelter of brunches and hay masked as a Finnish scyther (haymaker). It is possible to consider the 15th July of 1928, when the granite monument was opened, as the beginning of the museum foundation. It was built according to the project of a Leningrad architect A.I. Gheghello. The shelter , where V.I. Lenin and G.E. Zinoviev lived in as well as the haystack were rebuilt on the territory of a nowadays park.

    The basic exposition called "From Spring to Autumn of 1917 (Historical drama)" was opened in the pavilion of the museum on the 27th of July of 2006. The events cover the historical period from March till the 25th October of 1917. They are represented as a five-act dramatic performance with 5 models in correspondence to each act of drama

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    culture for society, scientific

    Historical,Regional museum,Memorial,Painting art

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