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The Estate of Lopanya-Zachatevskoe

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    The Estate of Lopasnya-Zachatievskoe is unique. Representatives of four noble families livid in it during centuries. They were representatives of the families of Vasilchikov, Lanskoy, Pushkin and Goncharov. The family of Vasilchikov owned the Estate of Lopasnya-Zachatievskoe from the first half of the 16-th century to the beginning of the 20-th century. The kin of Vasilchikov is well known in Russian history: Anna Grigorevna was the fifth wife of Ivan the Terrible.

    At the end of the 18- th century the ownership of the estate was passed to Alexander Semyonovich Vasilchikov. Hi was the second favorite of Catherine the Great after Geregory Orlov. He was her favorite for 22 months, and then soon was dismissed.

    The former favorite began active reconstruction of the House and rearrangement of the park adding some ponds.

    After the year 1821 the house was reconstructed by the new owner of the Estate, Nikolay Ivanovich Vasilchikov. Hi died in 1855. His widow Maria Petrovna Vasilchikova, born Lanskaya, got ownership of the estate. Her youngest brother, Petr Prtrovich Lanskoy, married the widow, N.N.Pushkina. Poet A.S. Pushkins children stayed frequently here.

    After 1905 the Estate was governed by Natalia Ivanovna Goncharova. She was a niece of N.N. Goncharova-Pushkina

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    (496) 72-303-89, Fax: (496) 72-303-89

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    founded: 1996г.
    opened: 2007г.

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   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

    Regional museum,Literature,Memorial

    permament show rooms 598м2
    temporary exhibitions 84,1м2
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    16 (curators: 4)

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    892, rare collection's items: 408

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