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The Russian Fairy-tales Museum

Phone: (495) 980-95-60, 8 (968) 051-09-55

Address: 105087, Moscow,

Working hours:* Temporary closed for visits.

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    The Russian Fairy-tales museum works in Moscow since 2005. Devoted to the Russian fairy-tales , folklore, folk legends , myths. The main goal while creating this museum was to tell children through the fairy-tale about national traditions and customs, to remind them of national roots, of the importance of reading books.. Our little visitors learn all of this by acting in fairy-tales, dancing folk dances, singing folk songs, etc. When coming to our place, the children meet fairy-tale characters who take them on a journey through a fairy-tale. Kids put on theatre costumes and turn themselves into fairy-tale characters too. There are more than 10 different programs devoted to the Russian fairy-tales. . The museum collection consists of age-old utensils, clothes, furniture, pictures, puppets. The collection numbers over 300 items . Practically all objects are available for touching and manipulating.

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    (495) 980-95-60

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    opened: 2005г.

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